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Plgmea Announcement of Election Schedule for 2016-17


 Member Renewal up to -------------------------                                                      31st March 2017

(To prepare list of voters)

Zonal Executive Board Meeting---------------              Saturday                          08th  July 2017

(To Approve Election Schedule & constitute Election Commission)

Announcement of Election Schedule ---------            Monday                       10th  July 2017

Change of representatives-----------------------  Wednesday               12th  July 2017

(Within 3 days of announcement of Election Schedule)

Display of voters list on -------------------------  Tuesday                      18th  July 2017

(Within 7 days of announcement of Election Schedule)

Objections to the Secretary on voters list -----          Monday                           24th  July 2017

(Within 7 days of issuance of voters list)

Reply or action on objections by Secretary--- Saturday                  29th  July 2017

(within 5 days)

If complaint not satisfied with Secretary’s reply Objections to Election Commission ----------- Monday                       31st July 2017

(within 3 days of Secretary’s reply)

Settlement of such objections by Election Commission ---- Wednesday          2nd August 2017

(within 3 days of receipt of objection by Election Commission)

Appeal to Director General (Trade Organizations)

Against Election Commission decision ------- Friday                            4th August 2017

(within 3 days of decision by Election Commission)

Final list of voters on (copy to DTO) ---------         Tuesday                        15th  August 2017

(within 12 days from decision of Election Commission)

Filing of Nomination Paper ---------------------                     15th Aug..  –  18th  Aug. 2017

(For 4 days since finalization of Voters list)

Scrutiny of Nominations Paper & Issuance of Candidate List ----------------------            Saturday                      19th August 2017

(within 24 hours of last day of filing of nomination paper)

Objections in nominations to Election Commission   ---     Monday                         21st  August 2017

(within 24 hours of issuance of candidates list)

Election Commission resolve objections------       Wednesday           23rd   August 2017

(within 2 days)

Appeal filed with Director General (Trade Organizations)         Friday                 25th  August 2017

(Within 2 days of decision of Election Commission)

Decision by Director General                                               Thursday                   31st  August 2017

(should be 7 days from filing of appeal)

Final list of candidates---------------------------           Monday                      04th September 2017

(within 2 days from decision of Election Commission on candidate list)

Election on --(Within Five Days From final list of Candidates)--        Thursday                   7th September 2017

Announcement of un-official Results----------                        Friday                         8th September 2017

Annual General Body Meeting on -------------                        Thursday                   14 September 2017

(within 15 days of Election)

Display of Election results-----------------------     Friday                        15th September 2017

(within 2 days of AGM)

Submission of Election Results to Director General             Monday                      18 September 2016

(within 7 days of AGM)